2020 Annual Report: Empowering Communities in a Pandemic

2020 Annual Report: Empowering Communities in a Pandemic

In 2020, with the global pandemic binding the world together, we saw our work come together in new ways, creating the springboard we need to unleash unprecedented impact in the years ahead. We witnessed a great level of interdependence—that our collective success does not only depend on how we care for ourselves but also how we are looking out for other people around us.

In light of what we do at CODE, constantly advocating for public funds to be used for public good, especially in the areas of education and more importantly healthcare, we most certainly believe that the state of a nation’s healthcare is tantamount to its wellbeing. Our call for accountability and transparency in public services was to prepare our society, our country and the world to tackle challenges that a pandemic of this kind presents.

Although the impact of our work was tested in many ways than one, we achieved measurable impacts through #FollowCOVIDMoney campaign and numerous projects, tracking the sum of 507, 967,121.5 USD worth of government budgets. We mobilised young people in 7 African countries to use digital tools for social accountability and to track COVID Funds, reached 257 Communities and impacted  4,879,000 Lives.

Today, as the globe continues to deal with COVID-19 and navigate its health, economic and social implications, we at CODE have continued to make proactive decisions to provide communities with access to information and also ensure the personal health and safety of our team and our members across Africa.

Read more on our impacts in 2020.


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