COVID-19: We Are in this Together

COVID-19: We Are in this Together

Dear Friends of CODE and Follow The Money

Our world is currently threatened by COVID-19, with significant implications on health, personal and professional life. Even at that, this period has witnessed a great level of interdependence—that our collective success does not only depend on how we care for ourselves but also how we are looking out for other people around us.

In light of what we do at CODE, constantly advocating for public funds to be used for public goods, especially in the areas of education and more importantly healthcare, we most certainly believe that the state of a nation’s healthcare is tantamount to its wellbeing. Our call for accountability and transparency in public services is to prepare our society, our country and our world to tackle challenges that a pandemic of this kind presents.

Today, as the globe deals with COVID-19 and navigate its health, economic and social implications, we at CODE will continue to make proactive decisions to provide marginalised communities with access to information and also to ensure the personal health and safety of our team, our Follow The Money members across Africa, our partners across the globe and you, our friend.

We have taken remote work more seriously and have instituted strict social distancing and stay-at-home policies. Still, we will continue to impact our community and advocate for the government to be more responsible and accountable especially in this dire time. We will also be seeing all our engagements through the lens of COVID-19, structuring our work to tackle financial leakages, mismanagement of funds and advocating for social justice in fragile communities so these people can access clean water, proper healthcare and all-round improved public services.

We commend leaders, organisations, and individuals who are prioritizing our collective health and well-being over individual profit. Our thoughts and best wishes are with them.

Do not hesitate to reach us if you have ideas, resources and information on how we can better reach communities during this time

Please stay safe.

Hamzat Lawal
Chief Executive, CODE
Founder, Follow The Money

Connected Development is an initiative that is passionate about empowering marginalised communities.

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