Eight is not just a number; it’s the most significant for me


It’s been eight years! Eight awesome years of being a CODEr. Eight years of working with awesome humans! Eight years of walking into the best work environment one can wish to be in. Eight years of climbing various ladders of success and channeling inner strength towards building a bubbling beautiful career! Eight years of challenges and triumphs. Eight years of progressive visible growth!

Eight years ago, my story began. On February 10, 2014, I received my offer letter to begin working as a volunteer. My career goal has always been simple: to make the most of opportunities given to me and to keep learning and growing incrementally. Luckily, this has happened through the course of my career;  as I moved from one project to the next, from one position (as a volunteer) to becoming the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and through the process, a recurring thought is that I have to keep going and keep working.

While it sounds like the ultimate success story, there’s also the background story. In eight years, so much happened and then so much didn’t…. (at least I know for a fact that I didn’t add weight) but more importantly, life-impacting projects were launched and completed, while some were shelved and didn’t see the light of day. I have met all kinds of people, visited different places, built wonderful bonds and friendships and as in the very nature of life, lost relationships… all part of which I consider a growth process.

It feels like a lifetime ago… a career span characterized by many highs and lows;  that it’s difficult to recall all the precious moments but I do remember some experiences. I remember the people I have worked with because they made the journey beautiful and at times easy and the people I still work with till this day, you know I could never have done it alone!

I’m grateful to all those I have met along this path. Those who have supported me in the last eight years, especially Hamzy who gave me the opportunity to shine. He made it happen!

My greatest learning is that grace and professionalism are the two key traits that everyone needs in a career. I have also learnt that passion overrides everything else. Oh yeah, this was what pushed me going. No level of perfection is ever enough and the strife is an on-going one. I don’t know what I will be doing in the coming years, but I’m happy where I am now and that’s all that matters.

There may be many more miles to go before I sleep but for now this is a great place to be, to rest, to take stock, to connect and reconnect, to generate ideas and let go of some.

The possibilities of this career path are endless and I’m open to exploring them while trusting the divine to let the rest usually fall into place.

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