Rebuilding Trust Conference

Rebuilding Trust in Institutions

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The picture of basic public service for the average person in Nigeria is bleak.
Every year, the Nigerian government budgets millions of naira on constituency projects, yet there is little to show for the improvement of public service delivery. A large portion of the budget (which funds sectors like healthcare, education, youth employment, etc) is believed to be syphoned by corrupt government officials, creating a huge trust gap and leading to citizens apathy. How taxpayer’s naira is actually being spent became a large mystery. The average citizen has very little visibility into where taxpayer money is going.
This situation has prompted a new look at the role of trust, as well as its relationship with governance and ways of restoring and rebuilding trust in different contexts.
Trust is the mechanism that makes society thrive. Nigeria’s institutions are suffering from a sharp decline in public trust. In times of disconnect and distrust between citizens and governments, the importance of trust is only increasing. But can we truly reach it? How can governments interact better with their constituents?
This virtual event will spark deeper conversations about the culture of mistrust in the Nigerian system built over decades and begin a conversation on charting a way forward to rebuilding trust in government institutions.

Virtual Tea Room

We invite all Speakers to connect 10 minutes before the conference to network and ask any questions just before the conference begins. We can also review all areas of the event as well as delivery format and questions.

This forum seeks to answer these pertinent questions:

  • In times of disconnect and distrust between citizens and governments, how can trust be regained?
  • What role does transparency and accountability play in enhancing trust?
  • How can the Nigerian Government better interact with its constituents?


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Virtual Platform

The conference will be held on Zoom platform where each of the speakers will participate with video and audio. Questions will be asked once participants are permitted to speak and questions from Facebook audience will be read depending on time allowance.

Participants must register to join the Zoom Conference, otherwise, they can join via Connected Development’s Facebook page.


The virtual conference is streamlined to gather a total of 200 delegates including academics, political analysts, international and local journalists, good governance advocates and civil society organisations. We would appreciate it if you can fit this event into your busy schedule. A video recording will be aired on Facebook live so more participants can join in.

Conference Style

The virtual conference will be moderated by Kevwe Oghide, CODE’s Communications Lead while CODE’s Chief Executive, Hamzat Lawal will give a welcome address. The moderator will give some background and context to the discussion and ask questions from the panelists. A Q & A session will happen before a closing remark.

1. Conference Opening
2. Adoption of Rules of Engagement.
3. Introduction of Speakers
  • The role of the media in building trust.
  • The role of civil society in rebuilding trust.
  • How government institutions can regain public trust.
4. Questions and Contributions