#FollowCOVID19Money TownHall Meeting:

Transparency, Accountability and Communication in the COVID-19 Emergency Donations

One of the most daunting challenges around the world is accountable delivery of public services. In Nigeria, this dearth of accountable service delivery is worse than most, with a Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) ranking of 143 out of 180 countries analysed.

With intervention funds by multinational institutions, governments, development partners, private organisations to combat COVID-19 in Nigeria running into millions of dollars, public service holders should be open to public scrutiny on how funds have been allocated and expended. 

#FollowCOVID19Money campaign was launched to  galvanise citizens to hold the Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF), the Federal Ministry of Health (FMH), the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and government agencies directly involved in the spending of COVID19 donations to transparency standards in the disbursements of COVID-19 intervention funds.

The #FollowCOVID19Money Mega Town Hall meeting on COVID19 will chair government representatives and corporate organisations directly involved in the COVID donations and have them answer questions that citizens may have in the state of resources, procurement processes—with the underlying purpose of promoting social accountability and accountability in government.

The town hall will also shed light on good governance and fiscal transparency during a pandemic.

Hard Conversations:

  • How your Organisation/Agency disbursed funds and the final outcome of these funds on citizens or national development
  • Management of COVID resources in line with emergency procurement processes.
  • State implementation of funds
  • Provision of detailed information on COVID donations and expenses by Government officials and as observed by Follow The Money Trackers in the 36 State
  • Promotion of a culture of transparency and accountability in governance
  • CSOs `Independent assessment of donations and procurement processes.

Event Details:


Tuesday 8th December, 2020