Power of Voices Partnership-Fair for All

CODE and OXFAM are implementing a project on the Power of Voices Partnership (PVP) fair for All project within 6 extractive states- Delta, Imo, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Rivers and FCT. The project seeks to build capacity and raise awareness on the socio-economic costs associated with the Nigerian extractives sector.

PVP will focused on advocating for improved governance in the sector to ensure that corporations operate in human rights and conflict-sensitive demeanour. This project seeks to address by building new structures and strengthening existing ones to achieve sustained efforts and interventions across communities, the private sector and the government. Influence policy debates and other initiatives to ensure sustained and judicious management of tax revenue, other revenues within the extractive sector while promoting accountability.

The Power of Voices Partnership (PVP)- Fair for All (F4A) program, therefore, shall be used to amplify civic education and advocacies to promote:

  1. Prudent management of natural resources (oil and gas)
  2. Participatory budget
  3. Fiscal transparency
  4. Fair natural resources governance
  5. Economic literacy
  6. Fair taxation that energizes voice(s) of socially oppressed and marginalized segments of society, particularly, women, through:
  7. Gender justice.

Other programmatic propositions are;

  1. Fiscal inclusion through participatory needs assessment (community and shadow budgeting),
  2. Tracking of expenditures (public procurement) mobilizing for fair taxation and participatory democratic rights and empowerment through (collective) voices

Through PVP, CODE will strengthen community voices and increase awareness on the socio-economic costs of challenges within the Nigerian extractives sector pertaining to the marginalisation of host communities. It will also advocate improved corporate governance in operations and the management of human rights in these communities.
One of the objectives of the project is to promote transparency and efficient management of State budgets for the extractive sector. 

To achieve the project objectives our team will strengthen the capacity of local organizations and citizens to increase the level of accountability of public actors within the extractive sectors. The project also seeks to raise awareness within the civic space, schools and the public through outreaches and followthemoney radio.

Connected Development is an initiative that is passionate about empowering marginalised communities.

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